Vaughan 707M Super Framer Hammer; 18″ Hickory Handle


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Vaughan 707M Super Framer Hammer

The Vaughan 32 oz. Hickory-Handled Framing Hammer is designed to work well on any framing job. It features a top-quality, triple-wedge, white hickory handle and a milled face that prevents slipping and flying nails by gripping the nail head.

  • Framing hammer is ideal for framing jobs
  • Metal head on a high-quality hickory handle
  • Milled face grips nail heads to minimize slipping and flying nails
  • An extra-heavy framer designed to provide excellent overall balance
  • Top quality white hickory handle is triple-wedged
  • Extra-large striking face for surer strikes
  • Balanced hammer design
  • 32 oz.

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Dimensions 18 × 5 × 3 in