Vaughan 606M 28-oz. Super Framing Hammer; Milled Face, 18″ Hickory Handle


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Vaughan 606M 28-oz. Super Framing Hammer

Expertly crafted, Vaughan’s Professional Rip Hammers perform as beautifully as they look. Extra-steel behind the face and a deep-throat design put power behind each strike. An extra-large striking face allows more successful nail driving. The head is forged from American high-carbon steel and carefully heat treated for durability. The top quality white Hickory handle is triple wedged for a secure fit. With over 135 years of manufacturing experience, it’s no wonder Vaughan’s Rip Hammers are a favorite among professionals.

  • An extra-heavy framer designed to provide excellent overall balance
  • Extra steel behind the face and deep-throat for powerful strikes
  • Extra-large striking face for more successful nail driving
  • High-carbon steel head is heat treated for durability
  • White Hickory handle is triple wedged for a secure fit
  • Straight claw for easy ripping

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Dimensions 18 × 5 × 3 in