Tilt-up concrete allows construction projects to be extremely cost-effective and efficient. Designing and building with tilt-up concrete is efficient because the wall panels can be formed and poured even while the rest of the building is being designed or even built. This overlapping of disciplines makes for speedier project completion. Tilt-up construction enables contractors and developers to control costs better too, because it utilizes ready-mix concrete which is made from native materials available near the job site.

Tilt-up walls can be finished in a wide variety of ways, including textured paint, reveals, a variety of wall claddings and other techniques that add to the building’s visual appeal.

While tilt-up concrete is most commonly used to construct one-story buildings, it is not unusual for this technique to be used for structures as tall as four stories. The tilt-up construction method has even been used for buildings as tall as ten stories. And this method is not restricted to just commercial buildings either.

For well over 30 years Seco/Sealant Specialists has been providing award winning tilt up contractors with Meadow Burke lifting hardware and Nox Crete  chemicals.