NDS Dura Slope 2′ Galvanized Steel Grate


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NDS Dura Slope 2′ Galvanized Steel Grate

NDS Dura Slope is a 6-5/8″ wide, 48″ long trench drain system with a built-in slope of 0.7%. N sections are non-sloped and used to extend the length of the system. Each channel section is molded of gray structural foam polyethylene with UV inhibitors 4″ inside diameter with a 2″ radius bottom. LeveLoc re-bar supports with integral protruding knob levels channel and grips re-bar. ProFit locking system locks grate to integral frame and supports product during installation DuraLoc integral joint lock prevents joint movement during installation, no extra clamps or screws needed. Interlocking tongue and groove joints and bottom outlet on each channel section 0.7% built-in slope.

Part of NDS Dura Slope Series.

Includes: 1 channel grate (galvanized steel with bracket to attach grate to channel and screws).

Dimension(s): 24″ L x 6″ W x 3/4″ H.

Use with: Dura Slope Drains, Dura Slope Catch Basins, DS-231 or DS-232 grates.


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Dimensions 28 × 10 × 3 in