Butterfield Color New Brick Border Soldier Curve Tool


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Butterfield Color New Brick Border Soldier Curve Tool

Gone are the days decorative contractors will worry about their customers choosing a soldier course pattern on a meandering radius-filled hardscape project. The New Brick Soldier Curve Tool, together with the Butterfield Color® New Brick Texture Sleeve Roller, will save time by automatically adjusting brick angles, as if they were cut by a brick mason working on a week-long project!

• Automatically adjusts brick angles
• Eliminates sloppy hand cut borders
• Easily conforms to different radii
• Designed to be used in conjunction with the New Brick Soldier Course border pattern

Size: 32.25 x 8.5
Color: Blue
Style: Rigid

Suggested Touch-up and Detailing Tools:

New Brick Soldier Course – BST6231

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Dimensions 32 × 9 × 4 in